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With almost 20 years steeling and accumulation, Coastline Sofa grows up as modern professional manufacturer of reclining sofa and other upholstered furniture.With 500,000sqf industrial campus, advanced equipments and management system, inhouse design and testing abilities, professional,talented and ambitious team, continuous innovation and costing improvement,all of these element turned Coastline Sofa into a reliable and capable partner.Plenty of customers from all over the world love Coastline Sofa just because of the same    aspiration for beauty,comfort and value. 


Coastline Sofa, the carrier of comfort and freedom,we are here for a better world. 

Home, the heart of everything, sofa,not just a piece of furniture, it is a heaven for our soul and body. As comfort and dream creator, Coastline Sofa persists in commitment to the world since its establishment in 2003, design and craft every single sofa as work of art, the philosophy of beauty, care and love throughout the whole process of sketching, material selection, manufacturing, inspection even transportation.



About Us

Jiangsu Coastline Sofa Co., Ltd.