Inception(C8019 )
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C8019 Inception 
1+2+3 classic seating arrangement design, suitable for most living room environment. pretty color, beautiful curve and groove design on the arms, leather-look but warm feel fabric upholstery, thisselectionoffering stylishand comfortable choice combination. Enjoy wonderful time with families and friends, or just lying down, reclining any positions you like, reading book, listening music, watching movie or just taking a nap, you will find that Inception series is exactly what you want and it will be another starting point of your dream even your better life.

Color: Cocoa

Upholstery: Fabric (leathaire)
Frame: Plywood
Mechanism: Tempered Steel
Reclining Adjustment: Electric 
Seating Configuration: 1E+2EE+3EE


86(W) x 94(D) x104(H)

142(W) x 94(D) x104(H)

200(W) x 94(D) x104(H)